how much does a wheelchair cost

How Much Does A Wheelchair Cost

Are you confused how much you should pay for a wheelchair?

The cost of a wheelchair varies widely depending on its features, material, add-ons, and purpose.

It can be useful to have an estimate of how much you should spend before you buy.

Check out this wheelchair buying guide to find out everything you need to know about wheelchair prices.

how much does a wheelchair cost
How much does a wheelchair cost?

What factors influence the price of a wheelchair?

While it is possible to locate a low-cost wheelchair, this may only be attainable if you buy used or from an untrustworthy source.

For the greatest outcomes, get a wheelchair from a reputable retailer with positive reviews, ratings, and items.

Wheelchairs are offered in a range of categories to meet any demand and most budgets.

Let’s look at the most general types of wheelchairs below.

Types of Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, power scooters, or electric scooters, are battery-powered chairs that may be utilized by pressing a button or operating a small joystick.

These are wheelchairs that are built to be stable and functional. They come in a variety of seat widths, depths, and heights.

Many variants provide leg or armrests as well as sitting options.

You can control a power wheelchair with a joystick located on the armrest, or you can choose from different control options.

These wheelchairs are often rear-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive.

A power wheelchair normally costs between $1,200 and $2,500.

Manual Wheelchair

The majority of standard manual wheelchairs have a strong steel frame.

The seating is usually composed of nylon and measures between twenty and sixteen inches.

Depending on the model of the wheelchair, the armrests might be detachable or fixed.

A normal wheelchair would cost around $500 on average.

Transport Wheelchair

This wheelchair is suitable for companions who provide care for wheelchair users.

These wheelchair designs make it easy for a companion to help the user.

The user may easily access and exit the wheelchair thanks to features such as swing-away leg rests, armrests, and fixed side panels.

A transport wheelchair costs between $100 and $300.

Ergonomic Wheelchair

The aim of these wheelchairs is to provide users with better stability and weight distribution.

These two characteristics lower the likelihood of pressure sores and spinal damage.

Ergonomic wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to fold and store, and they are also sturdy.

An ergonomic wheelchair will cost between $500 to $1,895.

Ultra-lightweight Wheelchair

These wheelchairs are simple to fold and store in small spaces.

They are built of an aluminum and steel alloy, thus the wheelchair weighs less than thirty pounds.

They offer ergonomic seating for maximum comfort and stability.

These wheelchairs are available in a variety of colors and styles.

An ultra-lightweight wheelchair typically costs between $700 to $1,995.

Reclining Wheelchair

Recliner wheelchair manufacturers particularly construct and design them to allow for safe and comfortable reclining at various angles.

People with severe hip extension contractures and orthostatic hypotension benefit the most from reclining wheelchairs.

On average, a recliner costs between $300 and $800.

Lightweight Wheelchair

Manufacturers of lightweight wheelchairs created them with the goal of giving easy-to-fold and portable alternatives to traditional wheelchairs.

Seat widths typically range from fourteen to thirty inches and can support people weighing up to 550 pounds.

To attain the lightweight sensation, a lightweight wheelchair will typically feature a robust frame constructed of aluminum or steel, or a combination of the two.

A lightweight wheelchair ranges in price from $150 to $3,500.

Pediatric Wheelchair

These are wheelchairs that are specifically intended for children and persons with small body frames.

It is popular due to the health benefits they provide, such as increased circulation.

Another beneficial feature is the ability to have the youngster control the electric wheelchair or have the caregiver do so.

This chair ranges in price from $150 to $1,500.

What should be included:

  • A basic manual wheelchair consists of a seat, handlebars, armrests, footrests, a manual brake, four tires, and a frame. A unique ergonomic seat, leg rests, or a pouch for carrying personal goods are examples of optional features.
  • A basic electric wheelchair should have a seat, handles, armrests, footrests, tires, a motor, power source, batteries, and a navigating device. A specialized navigation mechanism, extra batteries, neck support, or a wheelchair lift device to assist with transfer from the chair are examples of power wheelchair extras.
  • Most wheelchairs come with a warranty. Look for a chair that comes with a warranty of at least three years.
  • A physician, nurse, or representative from the wheelchair firm should deliver a lesson on how to use the chair, including information on charging the batteries, set-up needs, and maneuvering techniques.

Wheelchair Accessories

You can purchase a variety of accessories for your wheelchair, whether it is powered or manual.

Wheelchair arm rest covers, for example, give additional padding for your arms.

You may also get electric wheelchair seat covers to improve comfort and insulation.

When it comes to insulation, you should consider purchasing a good pair of wheelchair gloves, especially if you live in colder climates.

Manual wheelchair users may consider purchasing wheelchair seat belts as one of their safety items.

Most manual wheelchair users will benefit from additional storage space on their wheelchair.

You should think about obtaining a wheelchair storage bag.

The battery that comes with an electric wheelchair may have a limited range for users.

Consider purchasing an electric wheelchair battery that has a longer range than your existing battery.

It will be an excellent investment, particularly if your present battery is nearing the end of its useful life.

Our Thoughts

Wheelchairs are necessary pieces of equipment for some people in order to gain movement and move around.

Pricing will vary greatly based on your requirements.

The answer to the question “how much does a wheelchair cost?” will vary substantially.

A modest manual wheelchair will cost you a few hundred dollars.

Name brands, customized chairs, and components that make the wheelchair lighter, more compact, and easier to use all have significantly higher prices.

Purchasing an electric wheelchair might cost thousands of dollars.

The more features and specialty chairs a wheelchair has, just like manual chairs, the higher the price of the wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a wheelchair battery last?

Generally, power wheelchair batteries that are fully charged last up to 8 hours or about 10 miles.

The health of the battery influences the amount of time and distance the wheelchair will run on one charge.

As batteries age, the travel time on one charge lessens until a replacement is needed.

What kind of battery does a wheelchair use?

There are two main types of batteries used to power wheelchairs: deep cycle AGM or gel sealed lead acid batteries.

Either type can be used as a replacement battery for a wheelchair.

In most cases, deep cycle AGM batteries, or lead acid batteries are cheaper but require more maintenance.

Is it safe for the elderly to use a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are a helpful way for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle in a safe, stress-free way.

There are a variety of mobility scooters available, ranging from simple, compact models to fully-loaded vehicles.

How do I choose a wheelchair size?

Determine seat width by measuring the person’s hips from one side to the other, in a straight line.

Then add two inches to this measurement to select a proper wheelchair seat width.

Determine seat depth by measuring from the back of the hip to the back of the knee of the person while seated.

How can I get a free wheelchair ramp?

The habitat for humanity provides a free handicapped ramp program for disabled, low-income and fixed income seniors.

The program sends someone out to evaluate your house and to access your need for the home modification.

The materials used to build the ramp are donated and volunteers help with building it.