where can i sell my power wheelchair

Where Can I Sell My Power Wheelchair

You might be browsing Google for a website where you can sell used but in good condition wheelchairs.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the proper place.

You can post your power wheelchair for sale online if you have got one due to a recent loss or if you are planning on upgrading and want to fund your next purchase by selling your present wheelchair.

This article will provide you with some of the greatest places to sell a wheelchair.

Whether you’re a wheelchair dealer or a wheelchair-bound person trying to sell your old wheelchair, you may use these options to get the best results.

Let’s take a deeper look.

where can i sell my power wheelchair
Where can I sell my power wheelchair?

Where to Sell New and Used Wheelchairs

You could try selling powered or manual wheelchair equipment to a local medical equipment and supply store.

Nonetheless, you can always rely on the online websites and tools provided here to assist you in making a deal.


Amazon is the world’s largest online e-commerce platform; whether you’re selling a brand new or used wheelchair, you’re certain to get a sale on Amazon.

It is very simple to list a wheelchair for sale on Amazon; the challenging part is selling it.

This store has thousands of sellers advertising their items at incredibly low costs. Before listing your wheelchair for sale, familiarize yourself with the site’s functionality.

The Mobility Market USA

The Mobility Market USA is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of used mobility devices.

This website’s selling technique is relatively special.

If your wheelchair is worth less than $100, you can submit an ad for free.

If, on the other hand, you are selling a wheelchair worth more than $100, you will be taxed between $20 and $80 for the item.

While the cost may be a little expensive in comparison to other websites, I still think this is an excellent platform for individuals trying to sell their wheelchairs quickly.

The website is only for buyers and dealers of used mobility aid equipment.

This means you’re more likely to make a sale in the quickest amount of time.

Oakham Mobility & Healthcare

Oakham Mobility & Healthcare is another place where you may trade in your old electric wheelchair for cash.

You must first meet their standards before you can sell your wheelchair on this site.


eBay is a well-known e-commerce platform that supports both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales.

This means that both brands and customers can sell items to other consumers using the website.

eBay allows you to sell new and used products to customers all around the world.

You can list your item for sale in the site’s specialized mobility device area.

To sell your wheelchair, you must have an auction.

You must also offer a full description, images, and payment and shipping options.

It is critical that you take decent images and fill up the description section with helpful information because this boosts your chances of earning a sale.

Used Wheelchairs USA

This site is another great alternative to consider; however, you may receive less profit than you would from a private sale.

Furthermore, this website solely sells used but in good condition powered wheelchairs.

The website establishes strict requirements for the quality and types of wheelchairs that may be offered.

The difference between this website and other e-commerce platforms is that the firm will be the buyer of your powered wheelchair, so you may sell it quickly if it fits all of their specifications.

Buy Sell Wheelchairs

Buy Sell Wheelchairs is another classified ad site where you can easily sell your wheelchairs, especially if you’re selling an electric power wheelchair.

To sell on this site, you will be charged a posting fee, as with many other classified ad sites.

The mailing charge varies; the bigger it is, the more alternatives for selling the thing you have.

When you create your ad, you will be given three listing options. The first choice, a $5 listing, allows for only one image.

Other listings allow you to upload several photos and have your listing appear on multiple pages.

This may allow you to make more sales in a shorter period of time, but you will earn less profit.


Craiglist is a classified ad website with sections dedicated to a number of themes, including wheelchairs.

If you sell on Craigslist, you may incur certain expenses.

This is due to the platform’s fee for selling specific products on it.

Making a transaction and creating an ad is quite similar to the other e-commerce platforms listed above.

To get your goods to sell, you’ll need to choose the proper price, write an engaging description, and execute an excellent marketing job.

Mobility Buyers

If you have a high-quality old wheelchair that is still in good functioning order and want to sell it quickly, you may do so on Mobility Buyers.

The organization will inspect your wheelchair to ensure that it fulfills their specifications.

If such is the case, they will give you a price for the wheelchair.

If you accept the price, you will be notified to prepare the wheelchair for pick-up at a specific date and time.

You will be paid in cash for the cost of the wheelchair at the time of collection.

Our Thoughts

To make a sale on any of these online platforms, you must be a superb salesman, just like you would when selling any other thing.

Take good images of the wheelchair, create a good product description, and include a reasonable price that will not only set you apart from other vendors but will also net you a profit.

You might charge a fee to publicize your item in order to sell it faster.

However, this would significantly reduce your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with an old electric wheelchair?

In cities all across the united states, organizations such as the salvation army and goodwill are able to take items such as walkers, wheelchairs and other medical facilities.

This is a great way to put useful mobility equipment in the hands of those who may need it but are unable to afford it otherwise.

Can I sell a wheelchair on Facebook marketplace?

Facebook does not allow the sales of any “medical” device. i know this because i just tried to list a wheelchair and got flagged.

Checked through their terms of service and medical stuff was listed as one of the things you can’t sell.

How do you get rid of a motorized wheelchair?

Motorized wheelchair and mobility scooter have batteries that are bad for the environment if improperly disposed of, and push wheelchairs are mostly recyclable, so don’t put it in your regular trash.

Instead, you can drop off broken wheelchairs at power chair junkyards for a fee.

Is selling medical supplies illegal?

There is nothing illegal about buying and selling a medical supply you paid for.

The legal issues come into play if government insurance, like Medicare of Medicaid, paid for the strips or if you are falsifying claims to your insurance provider.

How much do wheelchair vans cost?

A wheelchair van can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000.

Wheelchair van prices can be broken down into the price of the van itself and the cost of additional modifications.

The cost of a van can range from $20,000 all the way up to $70,000. the cost of handicap van modifications ranges from $15,000 to $30,000.