Best Bathroom Grab Bars

Best Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars provide ease of bathing in the bathtub. If you have someone older or injured person at home, bathroom grab bars are easy to serve you with comfort and relaxation. You can easily handle the weight while standing up in the bathtub. There would be no hassle in holding the non-slip grip of the bars and do your job easily.

The best bathroom grab bars are made with durable and compact material to provide ease of use. you can fix these bars in the kitchen and bedroom as well to hold the towels and other essential items. When buying any grab bar, you should consider the weight and size of the product that could suit your needs.

Why you need a grab bar?

Some people think that a grab bar is restricted to the bathroom and kitchen. The concept is wrong, because of their versatility and multiple usages you can fox the product anywhere in your home. It would support the weight and would help you to stand easily. Moreover, you can hang the towels and other home essentials on the grab bars.

Now, you don’t need to worry about your older mom and dad. Simply, fix the product in the washroom and let them take bath with comfort. Its various types would confuse you to buy the appropriate product. That’s why I have provided a list of some best-selling products that you could see afterward.

What is the composition of the grab bar?

Grab bar is available in stainless steel, wooden, brass, and plastic material. It’s ideal to buy the product with a suction cup. The easy to mount and the durable product would be preferred by the users. Moreover, the non-slip grip and water-resistant features are important when buying the product. A bar should be competent enough to support the weight with wet hands and its smooth and robust surface would add beauty to your place.

7 best bathroom grab bars

When I browse the net and found many products with high-quality material and stylish design. It was really challenging to choose the best among the rest. Therefore, I struggled hard to compile a list of some best products that could be beneficial for a longer time and support your body weight. Let’s explore them together.




1.      Sumnacon 16 Inch Bath Grab Bar

key features

  • Versatile with end cover
  • Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom
  • Made with durable material
  • Comes with mounting screws
  • Non-slip smooth surface


Dimensions: 16.02 x 3.46 x 2.44 inches

Length: 16 inches

Weight: 15.84 ounces

Material: stainless-steel

If you want to buy a compatible and durable bathroom grab bar, Summation has brought something exceptional for you. The product is corrosion-proof and water-resistant because it is made with high-quality stainless-steel material. The bar surface is smooth and is embellished with an end cap to provide strength and a stylish look to the frame.

However, the bar comes with installing screws and there will be no hassle in fixing the bar anywhere at your home. It’s multipurpose and you can hang a towel as well.


The summation grab bar is made to add comfort to your life. Its non-slip and safe grip would allow you to transfer your weight easily and stand with comfort.

2.     AquaSense Knurled Chrome Grab Bar

Key features

  • Made with chrome and stainless steel
  • Smooth and non-slip grip
  • High-quality and durable
  • Rust-proof and water-proof
  • Multipurpose with suitable dimensions


Dimensions: 13.6 x 1 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 1.08 pounds

Length: 12 inches

Material: chrome and stainless-steel

If you want to buy the versatility with multipurpose options, Aquasense is the best option for you. You can install this product in the bathroom, kitchen, kid’s room, stairs, and anywhere in your home. You can fix this bar in various positions like horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. There would be no difficulty in installation because of the availability of manual and screws along with buying a package.

Moreover, it’s smooth and non-slip and can bear the maximum weight. The combination of chrome and stainless steel makes this product favorable for the users.


The Aquasense has made this product to serve the users with long-lasting and multipurpose grab bars. Its grip is strong and there are no chances of slip. Even, you can hang towels and napkins on it.

3.     ELLO&ALLO Grab Bar

Key features

  • The bar has the maximum length for multiple uses
  • Made with durable and robust material
  • Can handle 500 lbs weight
  • You can install it in the room and bathroom
  • Brass is used in its construction


Dimensions: 17.17 x 3.43 x 2.13 inches

Weight: 1.06 pounds

Length: 16 inches

Material: Brass

ELLO&ALLO bathroom grab bar is oil rubbed and finished with brass material to prevent rust and corrosion. Because of its solid composition, the chances of oxidation are less and you can easily mount the product in the bathroom, and kitchen. The second thing is its easy installation, bar comes with all mounting hardware and screws that make it easy to mount it anywhere.

However, it can handle the 500 lbs of weight and is non-slip. You can hold the bar without fearing slipping even you have wet hands.


The product is terrific and beneficial for the people who always need help in taking bath and attending to the toilet. Its grip is non-slip and the material is rust-free to offer stability and compatibility.

4.     Delta Faucet Bathroom Safety Assist Bar


Key features

  • Comes with a classy and stylish curve
  • Made with metal and polished smoothly
  • Combatively thin and high durable
  • Finished with a die-cost zinc post
  • Comes with all mounting hardware


Dimensions: 10.66 x 2.37 x 8.02 inches

Weight: 1.3 pounds

size: medium

Material: metal

If you are searching for the best bathroom grab bar that could manage the maximum weight, Delta Faucet has introduced this stylish and curved bar with multiple features. It can bear up to 300 lbs weight and provide a non-slip and anti-rust grip to the users. The product is smooth and is finished with a die-cost zinc post. Double stainless-steel is used to offer durability and stability to the bar.

Furthermore, the bar is smart and unique in design that empowers the robust features. The product is suitable for bathroom, kitchen, and room fittings.


Delta faucet is the most incredible grab bar with a slim and stylish design. You can fix it where you need proper support. The bar won’t disappoint you in holding your weight.

5.     Brey-Krause Wall to Floor Grab Bar

key features

  • Beautiful wall to the floor grab bar design
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Best for kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom
  • Made with brush satin finish
  • ARRA and ADA certified


weight: 4.6 Pounds

dimension: 34 x 31.1 x 3 inches

length: 24x 33 inches

material: 4 satins brushed steel

Brey-Krause is well-known for providing grab bars with effortless features. This product is unique with 34 inches horizontal and 33 inches vertical length. Because of its handy design and powerful grip, you can fix the product where you need it most. Hence, its stainless-steel built and the satin finish would allow you to use the bar without worry about rust.

It’s the best grab bar that could provide you the ease with its robust grip. The product is smooth and non-slippery to serve the people with comfort and relaxation.


The product is certified with ARRA and ADA. You can buy comfort and ease to your home by buying this beautiful and impressive grab bar. I must say it’s the best outcome for your money.

6.     Franklin Concealed Mount Safety Bath

Key features

  • Made with stainless-steel
  • Can bear the 500 lbs of weight
  • Perfect concealed mount design
  • Approved by ADA and ASTM
  • Ideal for bathroom


Weight: 1.05 pounds

Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.18 x 1.19 inches

Length: 1.5 x 16 Inch

Material: stainless-steel

Some people need a suitable lengthy grab bar to shift the weight without worrying about slipping. Franklin has made this product with love and cares for the older and independent people. Its material is strong with stainless-steel construction and the grip is powerful to hold it easily. It can bear 500 lbs of weight and there would be no hassle in installing the product with wooden screws.

However, you are adding comfort while installing the product in your bathroom. Because of its suitable length, there is enough space to alter the weight accordingly.


The product is ADA and ASTM approved and provides a comprehensive grip while taking bath. No matter how much weight you have or your hands are wet, the bar is made to hold your hands strongly. Its firm grip and anti-slip features are ideal to buy the product.

7.     Safe-er-Grip 16″ Bath & Shower Handle

Key features

  • The product is easy to install and remove
  • Similar to grip handle
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Smooth and non-porous
  • Made with durable plastic material


Weight: 14.4 ounces

Dimensions: 16.5 x 4 x 3.75 inches

Length: 16 Inch

Material: plastic

Safe-er-Grip has made this grab bar with durable plastic material. The product is specially made for bathroom fittings and you can install it in your shower cabin or bathtub for your ease. The surface is smooth and non-porous and you can fix it easily with its mounting hardware. The robust design and the effortless grip are beneficial for kids and older people.

Moreover, ease is the priority and this style is more famous to install in the washroom because of its suction cup design. There would be no trouble in supporting your weight and its quality is not compromised to provide you the effortless working.


You can fix the product on a smooth surface and it’s light-weight yet bear the heavyweights. The product is best for the bathroom and you can manage your weight easily by holding the bar.

Buyer’s guide

Bathroom grab bars have made life easy by providing the ease and comfort to take showers. Now, you can enjoy your shower in a bathtub without worrying about slipping. The durable grab bars will hold the body weight and you can manage to stand up easily. Thus, its effortless design and the mounting hardware matters a lot in fixing the bar.

Buying a grab bar is not an easy task because it’s available in different varieties. Thus, I have provided you a list of some top-rated products that could help you in making your buying decision. Let’s have a look at some points that could aid you in purchasing the right product for you.

Weight and capacity

The grab bars should be durable and robust to bear the weight of the users. An excellent grab bar comes with 300 to 500 lbs capacity to support the body weight. It will help you in hanging the essentials and supporting your weight while taking shower.


The grab bar should be stylish and unique to provide ease of use. however, its built is the most important feature to consider when buying the product. Stainless-steel, brass, and plastic grab bars are mentioned here. You can choose the one that could fulfill your need.

Safety and style

The product should have manual and mounting hardware to provide the comfort of fixing. You can choose the bar with curved, horizontal, and vertical designs for your home. The multipurpose product would help to install anywhere and would be long-lasting. If the bar is rust-free and anti-slip, you are going to buy ease and comfort for a longer time.

When buying a grab bar size, dimensions, and composition matters a lot. You should know about your requirement before buying the product. The listed products are affordable and provide comfort and relaxation without compromising on quality.


The listed product includes the best bathroom grab bars to install in your home. The multipurpose bars come with screws and manuals to fix with ease. You have to select the product wisely that could be durable and stylish at the same time. However, listed products are ideal to buy to add comfort to your life. Stay happy and safe always.

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